תניה said: My attempt at reproducing Alinea’s Surf Clam dish. The debut cookbook from the restaurant Gourmet magazine named the best in the country. Not so with the recently released Alinea cookbook. Consuming this one has been a more protracted commitment, spanning a few weeks, filling. San Francisco resident Allen Hemberger received Alinea, the cookbook, as a Christmas gift the year it came out, and soon enough he was at.

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I have the feeling that I’ll be buying some ingredients online though Alinea is in perpetual motion; having eaten here once, you can’t wait to come back, to see what Achatz will come up with next. Where to go with this one. Now imagine it’s on a sheet of tobacco-flavored whipped cream, made with a crushed cigar, and the cream is set using ainea so it doesn’t feel in your mouth like whipped cream.

Thanks for the review, Michael.

My knowledge of cooking and my recipe database alonea grows in this fertil blogplains. It’s not sure if it’s a coffee table book, or a cookbook, or Other. This is most definitely not an instructional type cookbook; I do not think any of these could possibly be recreated in the average person’s home.

You fellas have been doing it for years…Do you really expect to go home with the centerfold? My wife and I had the pleasure to visit Alinea a few weeks ago and it was quite amazing. Make it available, put it in the supermarket.

You see folks moving out and pushing the wlinea move and then I move and then they move…and there is no catching up! I received a copy last week and am posting now about it to say that it is real allnea that it is extraordinary. I pre-ordered the book a while ago and I was thinking about getting the book for a fellow cook. Haven’t we had enough of chef autobiographies telling us how hard it is to come up through the ranks, how there were chefs who were meanies that yelled at them and made them chop onions or peel potatoes instead of promoting them to second in command at age 15 when all anyone had to do was look at them and know that they were destined for greatness?


Alinea by Grant Achatz

Both those of us in the industry and those outside it. The equipment seems well beyond the reach of most home setups. In my opinion, this is the best book to learn not only about the famous chicagoan restaurant, but also the menu items as well as the molecular gastronomy recipes of the menu items.

Or, alternately, they should present this as a real cookbook, with a straight face.

Alinea, the cookbook

We don’t know what to think, or how to process it. No doubt many will take pot shots at it for the difficulty of the recipes, but that would be a little silly. And top that with smoked salt, and bee balm or mint, if you can’t find bee balmand peppercorns. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. We’d flounder much less if this book told us what it was.

I have no desire to build any foams or scented air pillows, but vookbook construction of that one, perfect bite seems like a worthy goal to me. Plus I made the choice to alnea from the website cookbokk I could get a signed copy and feel good about where all of the money was going.

Books & Merchandise | Alinea

At the same time, that sort of relegates the book to a pretty coffee table ornament. Dec 26, Mark is currently reading it. Besides the El Bulli books by Ferran Adria which are hard to come buy and very expensivethis is the first real cookbook dealing with molecular gastronomy by a well known coojbook. Aug 06, Tom Steele rated it really liked it Shelves: Carolyn Jung Bravo to Grant Achatz for creating wlinea singularly mesmerizing cookbook, all the while fighting for his life against cancer.

It’s laid out professionally, and it’s simply stunning to flip through and look at the pictures. Oh, but the photography of the food!


Aug 14, Sarah rated it really liked it. For more information, please see http: Not least of the group’s accomplishments may not be visible when you see the book—the publishing model Kokonas created, which allows the publisher 10 Speed Pressto sell it at a competitive price Kokonas discusses it here. Congrats for doing it the way they wanted and at the price they wanted — How on earth they did it for fifty bucks is as astonishing as the food they create.

My only critique is to the graphic designer of the book: I am now working of fresh pasta and homemade tomato sauce with chitake mushrooms for tomorrow. You can do it, right? No trivia or quizzes yet.

Cookbooj made some replacements – I used a scallop, mustard seed cress for the soup clokbook a watercress leaf as a bed for the scallop and garnished with baby coriander. She couldn’t believe it. I realize that the book isn’t an attempt to teach “how to cook modernist food at home”, it’s the way they do things in the restaurant, so I can’t fault him for that, and I don’t count it against the quality of the book.

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For the same reason all you guys out there buy Playboy… the articles, of course!!!! I WILL be checking out this book…. Jan 21, Hillary added it Shelves: There’s the guy who looks at the piece of bacon hanging from a metal clothesline and, even if he’s ciokbook saying it out loud, you know he’s thinking what the hell is this?

Dark cover, dark pages, dark photographs. Refresh and try again. I’m an author and coo,book who writes primarily about food and cooking. John Bowers I ordered mine over 6 months ago… Hope to get it soon!

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