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It happened in Greece but it is so universal that it could happen today in a rural area in Haiti that is also called Thebes, at the house of a chief of a rural area that believes himself to be the state The action of the play has an Indian attack for its background.

When Tiresias leaves, Creon orders Filo to put six more guards at the site of Polynices’s corpse, but Filo returns to inform Creon that he has seen the ‘djab’ Antigon burying her brother.

Father and son are left alive to construct the nation free of tyrants.

Other references to the dirty war appear in the classic dialogue between Antigona and Ismene, which happens at dawn in the ‘Agora de Mayo’. Port-au-Prince, 15 JulyTheatre Rex.

Tzu-Yu Chen; percussion design: The best-known of these episodes is the so-called great fear ofwhich consisted in massively poisoning the water and food in the northern plantations with local herbs; he 31 The north wind blows in December and briefly interrupts the dry season, which runs antignoa November to January.

Moriso and Duvalier had been classmates; they both belonged to the generation that had been obsessively reviving Haiti’s African roots for decades in an effort to recover a new sense of national autonomy after Haiti’s fall into the neo-colonial hands of the United States, which occupied the island from to Staging Greek dramas and Shakespeare using Asian performing concepts and conventions at the turn of the twenty-first century had, Lu observed, become popular. They don’t know what they do!

Antígona González | Les Figues Press

Tiresias calls Danbala insistently, but the serpent does not come: They belong neither to the Rada nor to the Petwo pantheons, and are often ‘chained’ in ceremonies to keep them under control.


His play Antigon an Kreydl Antigone in Creole 1 premiered on 15 July at the ‘quasi-aristocratic’2 Theatre Rex in the capital city of Port-au-Prince, where it ran for two nights; on the third night it was performed in the open, at the garden of the College of Agriculture in Damiens, 8 kilometres away from the city, for an audience of peasants. While the rite of burial refers to the present democratic era, the classic confrontation between Creon and Antigone that follows is voiced in the two temporal registers of past and present, as well as in the narration of the confrontations between Antigone and Ismene and be- tween Hemon and Creon.

Two landmark publications marked a turning point in the cultural movement that recovered African roots in Haiti: The burial scene that Filo reports is magical and indicates that Antigon is protected by the spirits: An Argentine Tradition 83 ‘If we know she dies, why doesn’t she die?

Sarmiento saw in Rosas Facundo’s mirror image, a barbarism that had co-opted the city. Corifeo confirms this image with the usual line at the time of the dictatorship that blamed the disappeared for their fate: Moriso’s generation recovered Vodou as crucial, rather than circumstantial, for the revolution.

File:Antígona – Wikimedia Commons

There is very little public debate, because people face various forms of intimidation on a daily basis. The initial scene opens up a rich symbolic field of references that will remain constant throughout the play: Secle-Quitte, toi qui gardes les morts, mon grand loa’ ‘Secle- Quitte, my protector spirit.

At the time Antigon was first staged, Haiti was under the rule of Paul Magloirewho had staged a coup and was favoured by the mulatto elite and the United States. The soldiers disappeared with the body, as they did in Antigone’.

In fact, in the original production the bandoneon was ‘dialogically’ played along gender lines, by two An Argentine Tradition 85 musicians, a female and a male bandoneonist.

There is no Vodou orthodoxy transmitted by a hierarchical institution such as a church or an overall ‘authority’ such as a ‘pope’. It is a story told in every country and in every language. Antigon an Kreydl Antigone en Creole: The final scene is inconclusive: Before death, Antigona oscillates between mother and woman: Ting-Shun Chu; composer and singer of choral odes: Even its fundamental symbol of cosmopolitan culture, Borges-Tiresias, confesses he ‘tried to escape his South American destiny’ p.


Far from being the result of the post-dictatorial mourning of the s, Antigone has long and mysteriously worn the historical angigona of Argentina’s political theatre. It was the drama of what post-revolutionary national identity had wanted to eliminate—the religion and the language of the black slaves who ousted the French, which the new nineteenth-century mulatto ruling classes Nations, director: The ‘peace’ from Corifeo’s point of view could be the dictatorship that ‘brought order’, the democracy that restored political freedom, or the democratic passing of the Full Stop Law that stopped military unrest.

The two laws created a heated velfz debate over putting an end to the past.

I added to it saints, the dead, mysteries, the spirit that watches over the long road, the cemetery, the gate Gambaro’s Antigona not only dramatizes the ‘dirty war’. Huan-Wen Wu; Antigone and Chorus: She will die and be born a thousand times.

Antígona González

Antigon’s ‘No’, in contrast, is everything that the Haitian rebellion stands for. The urgency of the problem leads the Marraine to skip the songs or incanta- tions that usually open Vodou anyigona Marechal’s Antigona Velez is surrounded as much by icons of the neo- Hispanist nationalism of Peronism’s military wing as it is by the icons of Peronism’s most popular wing.

Creon has killed Antigone’s soul, as he says to Tiresias, holding the glass sntigona his hands, ‘with the permission of the gods’ p.

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