BO XI R1; BO XI R2; BO XI R3; BO XI R; BO XI R Later in the year , BO XI was introduced. SAP Webi has a three-layered architecture −. Question2: What are the key differences between BOXI R3 and SAP BO 4.x? Question3: How do Explain The Architecture Of Web Intelligence Tool? Answer . BO XI R2 Architecture (5 Tier’s). We have five tiers in BOXI if you have any PPT or document on BOXI R3 architecture, pl send me to my mail.

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Also, if you have any useful information on migrating the universes and reports to XI, could you please forward to my email swapna. How to design your resume? Respect the following rules Object names can differ.

We also need to define dimensions for associated granularities and define their incompatibilities with the corresponding facts through the aggregate navigation. Business Objects XI is a five tier, server-based product architwcture comprises a number of logical servers.

When you run a query, it only returns the rows that meet the query filter definition. Report filters are applied at report level on reports, tables, charts, etc. A class can contain one or more subclasses. These filters are not used to limit architecturre data retrieval from the data source and only hide certain values at report level. Making a great Resume: It is the only tier that interacts directly with the databases that contain the report data 5. Being an Area Sales Manager for NY, you want to see margin values for your region and Sales universe contains data from all the regions in United State.


NET and Java server pages files. The Intelligence Tier 4.

What is the differece b/w BOXI R3 and BOXIR4

Hello Mareswar This is very informative. The Client Tier 2. Using a Relational connection created in Universe Designer Question Posted by Mareswar Porandla at 2: However one cannot set rights and securities on objects in a shared connection.

Universe Flat files in.

Study The impact of Demonetization across sectors Most important skills required to get hired How startups are innovating with interview formats Does chemistry workout in job interviews? It stores the report pages in a cache, by doing so; the BOE avoids accessing the database each and every time ardhitecture report is requested.

Processing tier The processing tier accesses the data and generates the reports.

How You Can Resolve This? When you select a value of an input control, it filters the values in report element that is associated with input control by selected value.

SAP Business Objects Differences between BO and BI

Various data sources can be used to create analytical and ad-hoc reports. My email id is nans. Subqueries provides you a more flexible option to filter the data as compared to an ordinary query filter. Hi Mareswar, Really it’s great info, i learnt nice things from your blog.

What Is Bi Launchpad? Will be thankful if u mail me.

Input controls are associated with report elements like tables and section headers and use control to apply filter on report elements. Deski is not available in BO 4. It is responsible for processing requests from your browser. We have five tiers in BOXI 1. You can only display measures with synchronized dimensions. You can also compare the values of objects in a subquery with the other objects.


They have divided their client applications into two parts. This server manages all the scheduled File-based events. Please send me the PPT which had more information. Are you unable to grasp the business objectives?

Using New Variable Question My mail Id is monisha4b9 gmail.

BO XI R3 Architecture

It is three layered architecture: Business Objects Enterprise supports a wide range of corporate databases. Named set can be used to define set of members. Read This Tips for writing resume in slowdown What do archittecture look for in a resume? This server consists of all the schedules instances of the reports. NET platforms, the application tier has two components.

Business Objects Web Intelligence XI 3 Interview Questions & Answers

It maintains all of the security information, sends requests to the appropriate servers, architectyre audit information, and stores report instances 4.

The role of CMS is as follows. Aggregate awareness function is used in scenarios where we have same fact tables in different grains. Subclasses contains further subcategory of objects in upper level of a class.

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