This is the Instruction manual for the Argos Product Braun Series 7 cc-4 Electric Shaver (/) in PDF format. Product support is also available. Series 7. cc intensive sensitive Type Modèle Modelo Read all instructions before using this appliance. Series 7. cc-4 trimmer. Series 7. Type Modèle Modelo Read all instructions before using this appliance.

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Braun SERIES 7 790CC-4 Manuals

Braun SmartControl3 user manual. Braun Pulsonic user manual. You will be impressed when you see the Braun fits in your hand.

Braun Series 3 The question now is, how often will a person be purchasing shavers? Well, the Braun Series cc Shaver System has a higher price point in comparison to regular shavers. Braun InterFace 5 How is the build quality?

Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Electric Shaver User Manual

After charging the 3. While shaving, its performance remains consistent, and this is critical for weries who are going to be using it regularly. Braun Gillette user manual. Braun ShaverFoil ShaverReviews.


The shaving head of the Braun Series 7 cc has three cutting elements. The cleaning process will take care of itself. Braun LS user manual.

Braun CC user manual. Pin It on Pinterest. Braun PocketGo Type It has a small cleaning brush for dry cleaning braunn the shaver head. We hope you enjoy your new Braun Shaver.

The clean and Renew system requires the usage of cleaning cartridges. It built aeries, Micro vibrations per minute to capture more hair with every stroke.

Braun EverSmooth user manual.

When fully charged all 6 segments are shown. Braun shaver user manual. This model is our favorite from all others mentioned in this article. Braun EE SD.

The last item in the box is the power adapter or you can also call it charging cord. The real value is seen when one grabs onto the shaver.

Brauun has poured through the details and appears to have hit gold in this regard.



The shaver is made of the well-known brand which is called Braun. It needs only 1 hour for full charge by charging satiation. I also have Series 7 cc. Just an immaculate device from the outside and will be appreciated for a long time to come in that regard.

We are giving a detailed review below for your better understanding of the device. Braun Electric Shaver CC-7 user manual. These are minor differences with the Braun Series 7 cc, but they are differences nonetheless. A new electric razor is a way to go, but the question arises, which one is best?

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