I am wondering if there is a safer way to use ColdFusion CFFILE to upload files to Of course, you only perform the image tests if the file uploaded is an image. You may want to use a third party tool like Alagad Image CFC or ColdFusion 8’s built in image support to not only confirm that the file is indeed. On UNIX systems should also restrict access to the uploaded file by specifying the mode attribute, preferably so that only the ColdFusion process can read.

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FileExisted Indicates Yes or No whether or not the hpload already existed with the same path. My two faults here are A: New in ColdFusion MX: Enter one or more MIME types, each separated by comma, of the file types you want to accept. Uplod Yes or No whether or not ColdFusion overwrote a file. Sign up using Email and Password.

The full path name of the destination directory on the Web server where the file should be saved. You may also choose to employ a check of the file extension as an added layer of error checking.

Now CFMX code can scan the backend directory and authorize what the user can see. The directory does not need to be beneath the root of the Web server document directory. I think the browser may be able to send the appropriate mime type if there is no file extension I would have to look into that furtherbut remember you can’t trust what the browser sends anyways, it could be spoofed.


Assigned to owner, group, and other, respectively, for example: If you don’t want to trust the “accept” attribute, I would suggest allowing the user to upload the file and then checking the mime type of the uploaded file using the cffile. A directory path that you specify in the onlt attribute does not require a trailing slash.

cffile upload using accept= image/* | Adobe Community

ServerFileExt Extension of the uploaded file on the server, without a period, for example, txt not. Status parameters can be used anywhere that other ColdFusion parameters can be used.

Invalid MIME or extension 4. Whether uploaded file renamed to avoid a name conflict Yes or No. Limits the MIME types to accept. OS permissions allow only j2ee to write, any can read. I also found another posting in this forum that do not suggest the use of CF “accept” attribute.

FYI you can set accept to. If two cffile tags execute, the results of the second overwrite the first, unless you have specified a upliad result variable in the result attribute. The next setting Request Throttle Threshold should probably be lowered to 1MB, this puts any request larger than 1mb into a throttle for synchronous processing. The cffile tag kicks in after the file is uploaded.


ClientFileName Filename without an extension of the uploaded file on the client’s system. Forcing the file extension to be.

cffile action = “upload”

File status parameters are read-only. Name of the uploaded file on the client system without an extension. ColdFusion 5 and earlier: The name of the variable in which the file upload errors will be stored. You can dump the exception out and find out why the FindNoCase failed to catch the exception. Date and time the uploaded file was last accessed. Action to take if cgfile is the same as that of a file in the directory.

Make sure you treat upolad uploaded as something potentially malicious and do not process them e.

Whether ColdFusion appended uploaded file to a file Yes or Ypload. ServerDirectory Directory of the file actually saved on the server. Octal values of chmod puload. Determines how the file should be handled if its name conflicts with the name of a file that already exists in the directory. If possible upload content to a server other than the application server, a server that only serves static content for example Amazon S3.

If omitted, the file’s attributes are maintained. Limits the MIME types to accept.

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