The Isle of Skye with its Cuillin Ridge is a classic mountaineering challenge in the UK. Experience the Cuillin Ridge with our experienced mountain guides. The Black Cuillin of Skye offer a unique experience of scrambling and climbing, with the Cuillin Ridge Traverse being one of the most prized and sought-after. Skye’s Cuillin Ridge is the Holy Grail of British scrambling. Mike Lates, who has been a mountain guide on Skye since and completed.

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Winter Lead Climbing Glenmore A Line Across the Sligachan, where the Cuillin Traverse finishes, is easy to find, lying on the main A87 halfway between Broadford and Portree on Skye. Christmas and New Year closure. I have no personal preference but when I guide students attempting a full traverse I go north to south. They made the journey from south to north in a day, having taken a little over 12 hours between Gars-bheinn and Sgurr nan Gillean. You need to opt-in to receive communications from us.

Staff Picks Accident in Afghanistan: Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions.

You should be on target for Gars-bheinn at around 2pm so back at Glen Brittle for 4pm. To be successful on a ridhe traverse attempt, previous knowledge is invaluable.

Below is a list of accommodation that previous guests on our trips have recommended. A high pressure holding high cloud is perfect as it gives you clear weather but the cloud protects you cillin some of the sun. Name Email Subscribe Unsubscribe here. The rest of the course is never wasted with time spent on a suitable mix of training climbs, scrambling and bivouac retrieval.

Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports.

Price includes overnight pay for guide on bivouac, technical equipment and evening meal for Traverse. Then cruise over the Dubhs, find the wee sneaky route that takes a downward traverse around the East side of the Garbh — choire and then up to Sgurr nan Eag the last munro and along to Gars-bheinn the true finish to the ridge.

Below, I’ve explained the route north to south. Please note, we prefer to take people who have been out with us on previous events!


If you’d prefer to tackle the Skye Munros over a 4 day trip, returning to base at the end of each day, then have a look at our Skye Munros trips. The only exception to this is if you are incredibly fit and booking on a 1: Avon Gorge Main Area rockfall The next day demands a 6am start again, which means the ‘In Pin’ for 7am and no queuing so having the route to yourself.

This coire works well for a bivi because you have a very high burn so you don’t have to drop to far from the ridge, but also a fast descent out to the valley if the weather, mind or body breaks.

Skye Ridge

Some previous experience on some of the Cuillin is recommended and this event is not suitable for people who only consider themselves to be moderately fit ‘hill walkers’. Posting as Anonymous Community Standards. You do not need a huge amount of climbing equipment, as many of the crux sections are fairly short and sharp, with the longer climbing sections requiring a cool head with fewer runners.

Hanifa Yousoufi summits Noshaq. Old Inn at Carbostideally placed for the bulk of the trip. It includes photographs from the UKC user gallery.

Skye Cuillin Ridge Guide | Cuillin Ridge traverses and Munros.

Top tips would include getting used to wearing a medium weight rucksack as you may be carrying some bivi kit on scrambling terrain. That’s why all of gude policies come with: If ride want to discuss an idea please Contact us to talk ideas through. This could include either rock routes if you’re wanting to hone your rope skills or these could include ridge lines up some of the peaks to hone your scrambling skills.

To maximise our chances of success, we only guide individuals, or pairs who know each other. View 1 of 2. With over m of ascent spread along 10km of spectacular mountain scenery, this fabulous trip is high on the tick list of climbers and adventurous walkers alike.

A fantastic day out with a bivi on Gars Bheinon which we left at Cuillin Ridge Traverse You are here: Download checklist of gear, with tips and hints Pinterest Board with specific gear suggestions. Skye Ridge Jun An extensive topo guide to the most famous mountaineering expedition in Britain.


About the Cuillin Ridge Traverse – Skye Guides

Our five policies take you from the beach to Everest. The Skye Cuillin ridge is a mountaineers playground, with so much rock and so much choice you could spend days scrambling or climbing around in the many coires of the Skye Black Cuillin.

Beyond here, any route onto Am Basteir involves breaking through an undercut wall and a treacherously slabby descent before a final victorious climb to the summit of Sgurr nan Gillean. A guided traverse of the Cuillin Ridge is not possible in poor weather conditions because the levels of danger and physical and mental effort are too high to justify.

Got hooked on scrambling over summer? For larger groups bespoke arrangements can be made.

How to scramble: the Cuillin Ridge

Consider dropping everything you don’t need for day 1 at a bivy site. The success of the Traverse attempt is always the focus of the week. On 4-day courses a day of assessment to work out who is suitable for making an attempt is needed. The only exception to this is if you are incredibly fit and booking on a 1: Don’t forget the six P’s. It then takes around 3 hours to do the northern section getting you back to your kit at midday, from here it is 6 hours for the middle section and so to your bivi site didge Coire an Banachdich you would have dropped this off the day before.

Its assumed that clients will be fully prepared and ready guiee set off as soon as weather premits. Previous experience in the Cuillin or on rocky ridges in the Alps is the best way to know if this challenge is for you and we are happy to advise. If you like to gamble, enjoy suffering and have good knowledge about the ridge then a one-day traverse is the way.

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