View and Download Dbx XT instruction manual online. dbx XT Compressor/Limiter Instruction manual. XT Air Compressor pdf manual download. This website is not affiliated with or sponsored by DBX. To purchase XT spares or accessories, please contact the company via their website or visit an. Classic compressor for recording or stage use. Balanced and unbalanced inputs/ outputs. Excellent cosmetic and working condition.

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Program-dependent attack and release times assure natural sound without the need for con- tinuous manual adjustments. In the latter case, the signals will most likely be unbalanced. If two independent compressors are used to process the stereo program, a loud sound occurring in one channel will cause a gain reduction only in that channel. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Amnual have added a few new features nanual the dbx Model XT while main- taining the performance and ease of operation of its predecessor, the dbx X.

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Mixing Board If you wish to compress a particular track of a multi-track recording or one channel of a live manuual mix, the 1 60XT output can be directly con- nected to a maanual input jack balanced or notor wired to an Insert point. Page 4 Inspection 1. However, gentle tapping of a drumstick or brushing of the cymbal will not be held back. After expiration of the warranty, a rea- sonable charge will be made for parts, labor, and packing if you choose to use 1600xt factory service facility.

Depending on the THRESHOLD setting, lower level fundamentals or harmonics will not cause compression, and the program is not subject to the phase shift nor- mally caused by program equalization. Be pre- pared to accurately describe the problem.

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To compress a live mix or to protect loudspeakers, connect the XT be- v: Often, a prob- lem is relatively simple and can be quickly fixed after telephone consult- ation. Another option is to install an output trans- former, which will allow grounding of either pin 2 or 3 of the XLR-type out- put see page Technical support, factory service The XT is an all-solid-state product with components chosen for high performance and excellent reliability.


This makes the XT audio input suitable for use with virtually any source impedance, low ebx high. Do not short either pin 2 or pin 3 to ground. Do not ground Pin 2 or 3 of the XLR-type output connector distortion can result. If you are still unable to solve a problem, contact our Customer Service Department for consultation.

However, it will generally be found that large amounts of compression are more audible in a mixed stereo program than they might be on the separate tracks that were mixed to cre- ate the program.

Please fill in the Registration Card, detach it from the Warranty Certifi- cate, and send the card to us today. All trademarks are property of their respective companies. This is a special negative compression effect whereby the program dynamics are inverted above the set threshold i. A balanced line is defined as two-conductor shielded cable with the two center conductors carrying the same signal but of opposite polarity with re- spect to ground.

Never remove the cover. If multi-way loudspeakers with low-level electronic crossovers are used, the XT s should go after the crossover s. During the recording of cymbals and tom-toms, a compressor with an equalizer in the detector path can help prevent tape saturation.

This can be avoided by linking the two compressors in such a way that both channels receive the same amount of compression.

In Over Easy mode, the threshold of compression is defined as the approximate middle of the Over Easy threshold region, as shown in Figure The equalization in the de- tector circuit means that the compressor is not triggered as readily by a loud tom-tom beat as by an equally loud cymbal crash.


De-Essing To apply de-essing to vocals i. Also, do not remove the cover without first disconnecting the unit from the mains supply.

Assuming the tom-tom is a lower frequency instrument and can be better tolerated by the tape, it has less need for compression. Raising a signal out of a mix Since reducing dynamic range increases the average signal level by a small amount, a single track can be raised out of a mix by boosting its level slightly and applying compression.

For a stereo sound-reinforcement system, stereo strapping cables should be run between the XTs in each band low-low, mid- mid, etc.

The master 1 60XT will now respond to the combined inputs of the XTs. For a stereo system, you can separately stereo couple the manjal high band crossovers, low band crossovers, etc. If the XT is wired into a patchbay, never insert a mono phone plug into the patchbay.

In hard-knee compression mode, the threshold is defined as that point above which the output level no longer changes on a 1: In certain situations, the auxiliary device may need to be inserted in the signal path, not in the detector path.

The Ring conductor is never connected rbx anything ebx the XT is driving single-ended inputs. Mark the package with the name of the shipper, and with these words in red: Preventing tape saturation With programs of widely varying levels, compression can prevent record- ing levels from saturating tape tracks see Frequency-weighted compres- sion, page Hard-Knee Compression Curve Figure 3: By inserting an equalizer in the detector path to the XT, it can be made more sensitive to frequencies in the range handled by the sensitive drivers.

This is not a chas- sis-isolate switch.

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