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Right below it is the antenna attenuator switch, plus a 3. The BFO is not easy to adjust The LW band could use a kHz low pass filter for better long wave reception. If you try to tune it, the displayed frequency goes backwards or jumps around making it nigh-on impossible to manually band-scan.


Update my browser dgen. When you listen to it with earphones, it sounds even better. A fantastic, ed1103 little receiver with outstanding value overall. Why can Kaito bring back the KA35 for this radio receiver? Indeed, imaging was prevalent across the shortwave bands—the receiver was obviously being overwhelmed by a local broadcaster.

I never really took to this radio despite it being a good performer for a small portable. I like the pseudo Analogue display, takes me back to an old Philco receiver.

This receiver is a real bargain for its features! I kind of ce1103 to dislike DSP, for it can be annoying to hear it engage and disengage when a signal contantly drops down and recovers.

I have the non-DSP version with which I have a love — hate relationship.

It is my only dual conversion d1e103 receiver. Despite a few minor niggles, I really like this radio and would recommend it to anyone. And of course there’s a keypad present, which is, due to the large display, stylized in a horizontal row of buttons: It even has bass and treble controls and a very good speaker.


To change the volume, you have to press the VOL button, tune the jog dial to the desired volume dr1103 and let it seconds in that state to if you want to resume tuning again. The DE sounds dull and in some occasions not clear. Just an update, after 3 years with this powerfull little guy, it is being my trip partner to Italy, UK, France, Spain and Chile, still operating flawless, looking like a new one.

On the kaito ka I also heard am stations bleeding in SW listening. On arrival I was surprised at just how small this radio is, truly portable.

So much so, I had to find a pair of headphones that matched it better. This timeI tuned to WWV on the 19 meter band and compared the two receivers: The manual is a joke its all about Alarms and sleep thingies.

The New Degen DE1103 DSP: First impressions & review

Miles away from my Tecsun PL But it is when connected to an external antenna the DE’s performance is much better compared to SWG’s. The GP5 has upper and lower Side Band selection. Yes, this radio was a big leap forward in terms of performance per dollar, but after a year or so of very occasional use, the encoder started playing up. Also some issues with the volume. I used three radio receivers as a basis for comparison,i. Your email address will not be published. Very compact, small weight, sturdy, well built receiver.


I just put some eneloop pros in them and charge them in my NiteCore i4 charger instead of in the radio. The Sony had no issues.

You can also tune up or down from the display frequency using the tuning knob. I guess its got beaten up on the way here.

One gets used to it, but it is more time-consuming. I think that it would have been far easier just to have an automatic charging circuit. Amateur radio operators can be easily received as the radio has a BFO control to resolve SSB transmissions and excellent sensitivity. With a wealth of reviews, user groups, YouTube videos available I plumped for the Overloading may also be caused by local FM stations.

But I think its the low noise floor of this receiver that really makes this receiver shine. Unlike some other radios that I have used there does not appear to be any increase in background noise from the supply when operating from the mains.

But for weak stations specially those whose signal is not steady, it is annoying.

IMO this radio receive capabilities rival other portable radios degej twice as much. I once owned an original DE and thought it was a pretty good performer. When listening with its built in speaker, sound quality is more or less the same as the G, but when using earphones the G sounds much better. A real powerful speaker, 64 volume levels!

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