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Having established his manhood by cuckolding the entire tribe of cowherders, Krishna returns to Mathura to get his revenge on Kamsa. You can relax because we find out that both Satyaki and Bhim made it to Arjun’s side, and everyone is OK after all.

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Bhima completely forgets Yuddistira’s injunction about making trouble and he invades Kubera’s kingdom, starting a war with the god’s “genial leprechaun” army. We begin the Book of Peace, the Shanti Parva. Let this be a lesson to all you Hindu campers out there to douse your sacred campfires!! We delve into the mystery of the metaphysical origins of the Pandavas and consider whether the five brothers might have originally been based on just a single hero– the But even as he falls, the finger pointing, hand-wringing and grief at the price that has been paid for this victory has already begun.

Two more stories from the Sage Markandeya.

The Kauravas find out about his oath and hastily make plans to keep the prince safe long enough for Arjun’s vow to fail. Vyasa finishes his comforting storytelling, and then vanishes, leaving it up to Yuddistira to deal with breaking the news to Arjun that his son is dead.


Satyabhama wants to know how Draupadi maintains her hold over all five husbands. Thus the Pandavas go off on one final mission to avenge the death of their sons. There are very few stories, and most of the stories revolve around conversations in which one character instructs the other His mother and father were both of the house of Yadu in Mathura– Krishna’s mother Devaki mahabuaratam King Ugrasena’s daughter.

So this is it– the final installment from the Mahabharata. This episode, Yuddistira gets it into his head that he should be King of the World! He doesn’t come out of the fight very well– Shiva crushes him into a meatball and ends the fight. Kicaka takes his infatuation a little too far, and Bhima ends up restoring her virtue the hard way. At the heart of it, it is about Duryodhana and Shakuni cheating at dice to win from the Pandavas all their possessions and even their freedom.

Following Jayadratha’s “exploding head syndrome”, the Kauravas are so bent out of shape that they ignore the sunset and just keep fighting. Anga, Ghatotkacha, Karna, Rakshasa. So Duryodhana asked the old man to either fulfill his oaths or get out of the game. But Karna is too far gone.

Yuddistira then goes for a second round with Karna, but this time it mahxbharatam work out so well. I find the second story more interesting. Krishna is given the top honor among the guests and this causes a tumult of disgruntled kings and nobles. Even the main cause of all the violence, Bhisma, is getting tired of this, and he has begun looking for a way out.


This one is just a brief introduction to let you know what this project is all about.

Mahabharata Podcast

There are more episodes to come shortly. It’s deja-vu all over again, as the Pandavas move from the hermitage of Nar-Narayan to another one on the slopes of Mt Kailash, named for Arstisena. A few more stories from Bhisma’s final teachings.

I have to confess fre skipping a second story, because I simply couldn’t make much sense of it. The first involves another Bhrgu Brahmin with a Kshatriya wife.

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The Dark Age is now unquestionably upon us. At least Yuddistira learned Nala’s dicing secrets, so he need not worry about another match with Shakuni. The Pandavas journey south, out of the Himalayas and back to the plains. You can expect a few more episodes– an epilogue where the story is carried forward up to the time of the He responds by swearing to kill Jayadratha by sunset tomorrow. This is one of the most Episode 80 – Kurukshetra, Day Bhisma is out of commission, and his book is nearly over.

Yuddistira wants to know about the specific problems that women and servants must have in following their dharma. They spend the rest of the day sifting through the corpses in search of Duryodhana.

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