Four templates, each with a sample creature, not appearing in the Advanced Bestiary but offered as free additional downloadable content. Used by itself or in conjunction with Green Ronin’s Advanced Bestiary and the Advanced Gamemaster’s Guide, your games can only improve. Six templates, each with one or more sample creatures, from the Advanced Bestiary for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Crystal Creature with.

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Awaiting you between the covers of the Advanced Bestiary are over new templates that put the power back into your hands! Our second Kickstarter, Freeport: Terror in Freeport Revised Terror in Freeport was the second part of the epic Freeport Trilogy and the beginning of a product line that currently includes 9 titles.

This was in the later days of the d20 era, when it was harder to impress people and much harder to have a hit book. Well, no, as it turned out. As I mentioned, we want this book to be full color and featuring all new art.

Funding period Nov 13, – Dec 10, 26 days. You get a print and PDF copy of the new Freeport: This is a special tier for retail stores only. The fact that the Advanced Bestiary became a cornerstone book for Pathfinder development has thus always been bitter sweet.

You get 2 copies of the Advanced Bestiary mailed to your US-based store. All higher pledges also receive this PDF. It’s a way to bring creative projects to life.

Terror in Freeport Revised makes this classic adventure available again in PDF format, with updated stats for the 3. Estimated delivery Jul You get to work with developer Owen Stephens to create a new sample creature for one of the book’s templates. These templates can be combined with monsters from any other source to create an endless variety of new creatures, making every monster book you already own even more valuable.


Earlier this year we did a highly successful Pathfinder Kickstarter for our Freeport city setting. If it funds, this book will be published. The two projects share a developer Owen Stephens but have completely separate design teams. He co-designed Walk the Plankour card game of piratical trick taking.

The Advanced Bestiary got great reviews as soon as it was released. Also included are sample characters, handouts, and a fully revised version of the Cultist NPC class! With new race flexibility, variant magic classes, mass combat rules, and more, you have the tools to create a host of unique and interesting characters, or to improve existing ones.

Check out the FAQ. Stephens to be our Pathfinder developer for Freeport and more. He has been managing our web sites since about What should have been a triumph advanded turned into a disaster. We were, of course, still on the hook for all the associated bills: Learn more about accountability.

Green Ronin Download Deluge: Three New PDF Products • Green Ronin Publishing

Share this project Done. You get a PDF of the original 3. Green Ronin Official Events: With concepts ranging from the apocalyptic four horsemen to the bizarre id ooze and stone idol, this book offers unprecedented flexibility for campaigns of any style. Seattle, WA Tabletop Games. The rules revisions are already well under way. The critics loved it and geeen were solid.

If there’s one thing we know how to do, it’s make RPG books! Hamunaptra had the misfortune of coming out when our fulfillment company Osseum Entertainment was dying and stealing money from our sales to stay afloat.


We were certainly flattered that Paizo used the Advanced Bestiary in so many of its own books and we were glad players and GMs got so much besiary out of it. Better still, each chapter is modular in design, making it easy to choose options are appropriate for your games.

You Can’t Eat Accolades!

You also have the option of Fantasy Grounds support for the Advanced Bestiary! Plunder and peril await in Freeport, the city of adventure. Estimated delivery Dec The real risk for the Advanced Bestiary is that Freeport will take longer than finish than we anticipate and push this book back.

We managed to survive though and slowly paid down all of our associated debts. Those three big, expensive-to-print products bestiay sold pretty well—and we saw not a dime of that money. You will be credited in the final book, of course. You get a PDF of the new Freeport: Support Select this reward.

You can thus back the Advanced Bestiary with confidence. Really though, we want to give you a full color hardback with all new art!

Whether player or GM, this book breathes fresh air into character building, putting the power into your hands. Terror in Freeport Revised. Reward no longer available.

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